HR - EPM - UW Frozen Snapshot of Employee Data (UW_HR_OCTJOB_VW and UW_HR_MARJOB_VW Data Views)


Oct Job / Mar Job - Semiannual Frozen Employment Data available for campus HR and Institutional Research users for statistical research. PS_UW_HR_OCTJOB_VW (October Frozen Job Data View) contains a snapshot of job, person and tenure data related to people with active jobs during October. A corresponding data view, UW_HR_MARJOB_VW, contains a snapshot of all active jobs and employees during March. The views include both paid and unpaid jobs. An individual with more than one job during the month will have a record for each job held. Each unique combination of EMPLID, EMPL_RCD and UW_JOB_START_DATE is considered a job and will generate a separate record. In addition, any faculty member with more than one tenure home or faculty relation department will have a separate record for each tenure home department (EG_OTH_DEPT) and faculty relation department (UW_FACREL_DEPTID) combination.

Data is added to the view each year. The field UW_REPORTING_YEAR is used to identify the year associated with the data.

This data view is designed to have the same individuals as those included on the InfoAccess October and March Payroll analytical views, but also includes individuals not paid in October (or March) who have active jobs, such as $0 appointments or individuals on leave. The October and March Payroll views are sourced from the budget system and are still maintained in InfoAccess, not EPM. See InfoAccess OCTOBER_PAYROLL and MARCH_PAYROLL data views.
For years prior to 2011, annual October frozen snapshots of employee data are available from the legacy system in InfoAccess. See OCTOBER_FROZEN_APPT for 1997 through 2010.


Process considerations:

EXAMPLE:   Records in OCTJOB showing a faculty member with more than one faculty relationship department and a faculty member with two faculty relationship departments and two faculty tenure home departments.


An individual with more than one job during the month will have a record for each job held.  This includes jobs held simultaneously and jobs held sequentially.   If a person transfers to a new job during the month and the new job has a different UW_JOB_START_DATE, both the job transferred from and the job transferred to will be included.  Any job that is active for at least one day in the month is included.  Canceled jobs that start and end on the same date are excluded from the view.
If rate, FTE, title, pay basis, or other attributes of a particular job are changed during the month, the attributes with the latest effective date during the month are reported.

EXAMPLE:  Records from ALLJOB showing a promotion with jobcode change and rate change during March


Records for same individual contained in MARJOB:

Same individual in MARJOB

Sample analyses addressed with this view:


HR and Institutional Research staff.  This view is useful to anyone who needs a frozen snapshot of employee data and is particularly valuable for analyses over time. 

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