AM - Entering FA/AS/LI Leave Reports for employees working Summer Session or Service

FA/AS/LI employees working during the Summer Service or Summer Session will need to report leave ONCE during the summer at the person level. If multiple jobs exist, only 1 entry is needed per person. More than 1 entry will be ignored. A template of the Summer Leave Reports will be available on MyUW Portal for those that need a paper form. Staff using Employee self- service should enter time during their active summer employment dates to satisfy the reporting requirement. If there is sick leave to be reported, they can report the SL on the paper template so it can be recorded appropriately by the coordinator. This document is designed for payroll coordinators to enter summer leave reports. Employees can find information about entering summer leave reports on the portal help page.

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To Enter Summer Leave Submitted (UWS_U_S_NOTAKE) take during Summer Session or Summer Service, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to: Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Maintain Absences > UWS Absences.

2. Search for your employee(s) either by Empl ID or Group ID.

  • If only 1 summer job exists, select the check-box with the Summer Service/Session Empl Record.
  • If more than 1 summer jobs exists, concurrently, select either job.
  • If more than 1 summer job exists, successively, select either job.

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Summer Submitted

To Enter Sick Leave take during Summer Session or Summer Service, please follow these steps:

1. Enter the "Summer Leave Submitted" on the Summer Job:

Note: Summer employees report hour for hour. If hours are in increments other than 4 or 8 hours and 100% the amount must be recorded in absence event under decimal.

Absence Reason


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