BN - Benefits Exception Reports


These reports are generated because a Benefit Administrator has enrolled an employee into benefit plans using a Self Service Hire Event, instead of using an ADM Event. Please refrain from entering elections into a Hire Event on behalf of an employee. The Hire Event is specifically for employees to enroll Self Service and serves as their electronic signature. If a Benefit Administrator processes the Hire Event, it invalidates that signature. Benefit Administrators should use an ADM Event to enroll employees into benefits.
If an employee appears on this report, paper application(s) are required for the employee's enrollment. Please have the employee complete paper applications and follow the Benefit Application and Form Distribution Chart instructions (See Additional Resources section below).



SGL Exception Report - represents State Group Life enrollments

SGL Report 2017

Life Exception Report (Non-SGL) - represents Life Insurance enrollments other than State Group Life.

Life Report 2017

Health Exception Report - represents enrollment in all health plans (1x plans)

Health Report 2017

Disability Exception Report - represents enrollment into disability plans (ICI, for example).

Disability Report 2017

Warning_5.png  Warning!  While an employee may have enrolled in some insurance plans via Self Service - if no election was made for State Group Life or Income Continuation Insurance but an ADM (Administrative) Event was used to future date those enrollments, the employee will still appear on this report.  A paper application will still be necessary for this enrollment.

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