UWSC Support - HRS Security Awareness Course


This document describes the process used to access the HRS Security Awareness course and the course content.

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Course Content

Look for the Course Transcript link near the bottom of the page.

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Accessing the HRS Security Awareness Course

The HRS Security Awareness course is hosted on the UW System Administration (UWSA) Professional Development Page. This page can be accessed by navigating to https://uwservice.wisconsin.edu/professionaldevelopment/

  1. Click on the Personal Learning Path link.

    Personal Learning Path

  2. Under the Courses You are Eligible For, you will see the Security Awareness course, click Register Now.

    LMS Security Awareness Register

  3. On the course page, click Submit Registration and the course will open in a new window.

  4. LMS Security Awareness Submit Registration

  5. When you successfully complete the course, you must close the browser window/tab to record completion.

Problems accessing the course?

If you have any issues accessing the course, please contact the UW Service Center support team.