HR - Department Chair Jobs


Employees can be appointed to many different types of jobs throughout a career. This document will detail the steps how a person is entered in HRS with a Department Chair job (Z97NN).


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A. Identify/Create the Position

1. Follow navigation path Organizational Development> Position Management> Maintain Positions/Budgets> Add/Update Position Info

2. Job Code: Z97NN

3. Pay Basis = No Pay Basis

4. Continuity will vary based on your campus' rules for Department Chairs; HR - Continuity Status Overview


B. Review UW Multiple Jobs Summary

1. Using the UW Multiple Jobs Summary page, determine if a terminated Empl Rcd can be reused; see HR - View UW Multiple Jobs Summary for an Employee
  • This secondary job hired is a concurrent job

C. Adjust Compensation as Needed

1. Compensation for faculty serving as a Department Chair must be added to the Employee's regular base on the 'Primary Job' for the duration of the job

  • Action = Pay Rate Change; Reason = Temporary Change in Duties, or paid during the summer on a Summer Service position
  • Department Chair positions are ALWAYS set up as zero dollar, and cannot be used to pay a faculty member.
2. At the conclusion of the Department Chair job, remember to remove the pay rate change on the 'Primary Job'
  • Action = Pay Rate Change; Reason = Temporary Adjustment End.


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