TAM - Posting the Intent to File a Labor Certification


This document will review the process to post the intent to file a labor certification in TAM when a foreign national has been hired and an institution is now working through the green card process (permanent residency).


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Clone Original Job Opening

  1. Clone the original Job Opening, following this process: TAM - Clone a Job Opening.
    NOTE: On the Job Details tab, be sure to add the Funding information, as this is required to save the Job Opening.

  2. Click on the Job Postings tab.

  3. Change the posting title to "Notice to File Labor Certification - Title of Position" (i.e. Assistant Professor).

  4. Click Add Posting Description to add a new posting description section.


  5. Enter the following information to the new posting description:
    • Description Type: ATTENTION
    • Visible field: Internal and External
    • Description ID: PERM NOTICE. The Description will pull in to display the required language at the top of the original posting.

  6. https://kb.wisc.edu/images/group61/21580/9.2newpostinginfo.jpg

  7. Remove all Job Posting Destinations except for External - All Jobs (External Posting Type), UW Self Service Careers (Internal Posting Type) and the Business Unit’s website (External Posting Type).

  8. In the Relative Open Date, choose On Approval Date.

  9. Post for the required time frame.

  10. Click OK.


  11. Click on the Assignments tab.

  12. Click Add Interested Parties Team.

  13. Check the box by  1058-UWS Immigration Services and select OK


  14. Click Save and Submit

  15. The Job Opening needs to progress through the normal Job Opening Approval process to be posted to Candidate Gateway (External - All Jobs) and Self Service Careers (UW Self Service Careers).

Close the Job Opening after posting the notice for a minimum 10 business days.

  1. HRS Navigation: Recruiting > Search Job Openings.

  2. Use the search criteria to narrow your search for this job opening and click Search.

  3. Check the box next to the job opening.

  4. From the Group Actions list at the bottom of the page, choose Close.


  5. Click the OK button.
    warning sign Only the Primary Recruiter for the Job Opening being closed is able to change the status from the Search Results page.  If a message is received stating you are not authorized to change the Job Opening Status without being the Primary Recruiter, then the change must be made from within the Job Opening Details page.

Change Job Status from the Job Opening Details page

  1. HRS Navigation: Recruiting > Search Job Openings.

  2. Use the search criteria to narrow your search for this job opening and click Search.

  3. Select the job opening.

  4. Go to the Details tab.

  5. In the Status Code field, select 110 Filled/Closed.

  6. Click Save.


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