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AM - Employees Requesting Absences through Employee Self Service (ESS) - University Staff Elapsed


This procedure will instruct the employee on how to enter absences using multiple types of leave.

  • Employees should always review their absence balances before submitting any absence requests.  The employee's balance will display on the page once they have selected the Absence Name.


To enter an absence with multiple take types for an employee:

1. Log in to the My UW System portal.  For more information on logging into the MY UW System portal, please see UWSC Support - Logging in to System Portal.  Note: UW-Madison employees will log onto the My UW-Madison portal instead. 

2.Locate the Time and Absence module and click the Enter Absence link.
Entering Absence

3. You will now see the Request Absence page. This is where you fill out the specific information for your absence request.

NOTE: If you are employed at more than one job, you will need to select the job you wish to enter an absence for from a list before you will be taken to the Request Absence page.

  • Start Date (*REQUIRED): The first work day you were (or will be) absent.  You can enter the date in the form of MM/DD/YYYY or select a date from a calendar by clicking the calendar 17883-calendar_icon.png icon and selecting the correct day.
  • Filter by Type: Leave this set to 'All'.  Absences are classified into categories such as Vacation, Sick Leave, etc.  You can filter the list of absences by selecting a category so you will only see the related absences.
  • Absence Name (*REQUIRED): Select the specific type of absence you will be taking from the drop down menu.
  • Requestor Comments: You may optionally enter comments about the absence for your supervisor.  Note: There is a spell check icon spell checker icon replace to the right of the Requestor Comments box.

4. Notice that after selecting an Absence Name, several more fields appear. The Current Balance for the select absence will also appear.

Note: This balance only reflects approved absences. If the employee has any pending absences, they will not be reflected in the Current Balance.

End Date (*REQUIRED):  Enter the last work day of your absence.  You can enter the date in the form of MM/DD/YYYY or select a date from a calendar by clicking the calendar 17883-calendar_icon.png icon.  *NOTE: You can either enter an End Date, or fill out the Duration field.  You should only use ONE of these methods.  It is acceptable to enter a range, up to, but not longer than one working week.

 This field is not used for university staff.

Entry Type:
 Leave this set to 'Hours Per Day'.

Hours Per Day (*REQUIRED):
 Number of hours per day that the absence was taken.  Full time employees can enter 8 hours if full days are taken, or 4 hours if partial days are taken.  Part-Time employees can enter values to the quarter hour.  *NOTE: Value should be no more than 1 day (8 hours).  More than 8 are allowed if the work day is more (10 hours). 

Duration (*REQUIRED):
 Your absence in total hours.  Example: If you work 8 hours a day, and will be absent for 2 days, you would enter a duration of 16 hours.  *NOTE: You can either enter a Duration, or fill out the End Date field.  You should use only ONE of these methods.

Calculate End Date or Duration:
 Click this once entry is completed.  Verify the duration amount is correct.

Current Balance:
 Once you select an absence name, the current leave balance for the absence will be displayed.  NOTE: This balance only reflects the balance as of the last Earnings Statement (i.e. confirmed payroll). Absences approved or taken since the last payroll are not reflected in this balance.

5.  After Start Date, Absence Name and Hours Per Day are filled out, you have two options.  You can either fill out the End Date and calculate the Duration OR fill out the Duration and calculate the End Date.  Fill out the preferred field then click on the 'Calculate End Date of Duration button'.  The calculated figure will appear in the appropriate box.

6.  For more information on how to enter different types of absences, click the following Absence links:
Full Day
Partial Day
Multiple Date Range

NOTE: Hours Per Day, Duration, and End Date can vary based on the absence type.
7. Once all the required fields are filled out, click Submit.  This will submit the request to your supervisor for approval.  Once the request is submitted, you cannot make changes to it.

8. Next you will see a page asking if you want to submit your request.  Click the Yes button.

9. Now you will see a confirmation page.  Click the OK button.

10. You will now be taken to the Request Details page. The absence request has been successfully submitted and will now say Pending.

If you later need to cancel or change an absence request that you have submitted through self-service, you can do so. See Cancel/Edit an Absence.

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  • 8 hours per day for one day
  • Clicking on the Calculate End Date or Duration Button in the example below will result in the End Date of 06/12/2017

Click to go to next step


  • 4 hours per day for one day
  • Clicking on the Calculate End Date or Duration button in this example will also result in the End Date of 06/12/2017

Click to go to the next step


  • A certain number of hours over a specific date range.  Number of hours per day is usually 8, signifying a whole day was taken.  If you take only 4 hours per day, the number would be 4.  Takes should reflect the actual time taken.  If you plan to take 20 hours sporadically over the week, the number of hours should be entered by day.
NOTE: When a date range is entered, the system will total the absence hours based on your work schedule.  The system default schedule is Monday-Friday, 8 hours per day (for a full time employee).  You should not include Saturday and Sunday's dates since they are not a part of this schedule.  If you are taking more than one week off, it is recommended that you enter 1 week at a time (Monday-Friday, or whichever days you are taking).
  • In the example below a date range starting on 06/12/2017 (Monday) and ending on 06/16/2017 (Friday) and 8 for 'Hours Per Day', the system will automatically calculate 40 hours after the Calculate End Date or Duration is clicked. 
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Cancel/Edit an Absence

Cancel an Absence
9.2_Warning_Sign.png Note: You will not be able to cancel or edit absences when payroll is being confirmed. If you believe you should be able to edit or cancel and are unable to do so, please check back later.
  1. Log in to the My UW System portal.  For more information on logging into the My UW System portal, please see UWSC Support - Logging into the / System Portal .  Note: UW-Madison employees will log onto the My UW-Madison portal instead.
  2. Click the Time and Absence tile, then click the Edit/ Cancel Absence button.

  3. portal.jpg

  4. Click the Cancel button for the absence you wish to cancel.

  5. Replace Pic1
  6. The cancel absence window opens. Click the Cancel Absence button

    replace pic2

  7. Click Yes to confirm the cancel.

  8. Click OK. The request details screen appears.

  9. Click Absence Request History to cancel or edit another absence request, or click Sign Out if you are finished.

  10. replace pic3

    Edit an Absence
  11. Select the absence request that you want to edit by clicking on the Edit button next to that absence. This opens the Absence Details page.
    Note: The edit button only becomes active for an absence that you have submitted and canceled through self-service.

  12. replace pic 4
  13. Make the changes to the absence: Absence Name, End Date or Hours per day. Click the Calculate End Date or Duration button if necessary.

  14. replace pic5
  15. Click the Submit button.

  16. Click the Yes button to confirm the submission of the absence request.

  17. Click OK.
    The Request details screen appears.

  18. Click Absence Request History to cancel or edit an absence request, or click Sign Out if you are finished.


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