BN - Review Paycheck Deductions Job Aid


Review Paycheck allows Benefit Administrators to easily review employee benefit deductions. It is a useful aid to ensure that employees are enrolled in the correct benefit plan and the correct deductions are being taken from their paychecks.


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To view and verify Benefit Deductions have taken on a payroll check, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > Produce Payroll > Review Paycheck
  2. Enter the Empl ID
  3. Select the paycheck to review that corresponds with the Pay Date
  4. Click on the Paycheck Deductions tab to view all of the deductions (with amounts) that were taken for the selected paycheck.
  • The Deductions total under the Paycheck Totals section is equal to the combined employee Before Tax and After Tax benefit deductions
  • Prepays deductions will appear as: PREBTX, PREATX, and/or PRETAX
  • Retro deductions will appear in the same line combined with current pay period benefit deductions
  • Benefit Deductions listed on the Earnings Statement show the cost paid for that Benefit Plan
       5.  Clicking the expansion icon allows you to view additional information regarding deductions that didn't take as expected, and benefits retro. 
  • If an amount is appearing in the "Not Taken" column, there is not enough earnings to take the full deduction, and it will go into Arrears.  The Reason column gives a reason for why the money was not Taken.
  • The amounts that appear in the Payback Amount and Refund Amount column are deductions that were entered either via a Payline or a Benefits Retro and are making adjustments to the regular deduction amount.  These amounts are already included in the Amount column for each deduction.


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