HR - Governance Tracking for Faculty Appointments


The Governance Tracking page is used to store Division Affiliation information for faculty at UW Madison and UW Milwaukee. It also stores the Senate District information for UW-Madison.

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  1. Navigate to Workforce Development > Faculty Events > Calculate Tenure > Governance Tracking.

  2. Click the Add a New Value tab or to change use Find an Existing Value.

  3. If changes are made, select (+) to create a new row with a new effective date.
  4. Enter the Effective Date of the information (or the new effective date if a change is being made).

  5. Select the correct Division Affiliation.

  6. Select the appropriate Senate District Number.

  7. Select Senator or Alternate if appropriate. This field defaults to "NO".
  8. The Senate Seat Number should only be populated if Senator is selected.

  9. Click Save.

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