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Cyan (see Cyan definition)

C-basisSalary rate computed on a nine-month, academic year, basis.

CandidateApplicant who has been deemed minimally qualified for the vacancy.
Capture Profile

A reusable collection of settings that simplifies entering documents into Perceptive Content imaging software. Captures profiles can set entities such as document keys, device choice, workflow queues, etc.

Capture Token

A licensing mechanism. Every scanner used with ImageNow uses a token; if all tokens are in use, another scanner cannot be configured until one is released.

CASICommittee on Academic Staff Issues; these committees have been established in each school and college to advise Deans on policies and procedures, promotional opportunities, participation in department governance, and performance recognition for academic staff.

CategoriesIs a feature in Outlook and Outlook on the web that allows you to assign a keyword or phrase (and color) to help you keep track of items/events. Using this feature you can easily find, sort, filter, or group different items/events that are located across your different folders/calendars.
CCASCross College Advising Service.  Campus advising service for freshmen and sophomores; administered through L&S for the campus.  See:

Centralized RecruitmentProcess in which OHR helps divisions manage the recruitment, assessment and selection of high-volume and continuously recruited positions (e.g., custodial positions).
CertifiedThis is a state in ARROW.  Applications in this state have been certified as not constituting human subjects research.  This includes grant related applications not directly involving human subjects (e.g. protocol development activities only). 

Certify Not Human Subjects ResearchThis is an activity in ARROW that allows the IRB staff reviewer to certify that an application does not constitute human subjects research.  This activity occurs in the Pre-review state.
ChancellorThe chief executive of UW–Madison.
Changes Requested - Scientific ReviewThis is a state in ARROW.  Studies in this state have undergone scientific review and changes were requested by the scientific review committee.  In this state, the study team can either 1) respond to the committee request so that it returns to the Awaiting Scientific Review state for additional review, or 2) withdraw the application. 

Chapter 36Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 36, established the University of Wisconsin System, of which UW-Madison is the flagship institution.

City of Madison Living Wage110% of the Federal poverty rate for a family of four.
Civil Service SystemA hiring process that incorporates merit selection principles including objective criteria to evaluate job applicants and make hiring decisions.
Clone ID
  1. A Clone ID is an ET Number assigned to the basic curriculum of a course. It is inclusive of Instances that share the same Curriculum ID. See also: Curriculum ID [KB Curriculum ID]

ClosedThis is a state in ARROW.  Studies in this state have been closed by the IRB after the investigator has submitted a study completion report. 

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Coil Bind
Collaboration Space
Compensatory Time
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Consecutive Appointments
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Continuous Employment
Continuous Service
Copy Application
Copy Reportable Event to Other Study
Correspondence Prepared
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Crafts Worker
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