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PeopleSoft (an Oracle product) is the Student Information System (SIS) for University of Wisconsin institutions participating in the Digital Learning Environment (DLE). As such, it is the official repository of student data and enrollment records for each UW institution. It is the source of user enrollment data for timetable courses in Canvas.

Changes to data, metadata, and structures in PeopleSoft can impact Canvas user accounts and course enrollment. Resolving Canvas errors caused by PeopleSoft changes requires close collaboration between PeopleSoft and Canvas administrators who often don't have visibility into each others' systems. Even diagnosing the issues can be challenging, because PeopleSoft changes which have valid business purposes in other systems (such as Registration) can cause downstream issues in Canvas.

The DLE will use the Canvas - PeopleSoft Topic in this KnowledgeBase to collect and report known PeopleSoft-related Canvas issues and their solutions. 

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1 Canvas - Separating PeopleSoft Crosslisted Courses in Canvas
2 Canvas (PeopleSoft) - SAIP Term Scoping
3 Canvas - How to add/update PeopleSoft SIS academic organizations and corresponding Canvas Sub-Accounts
4 Canvas (PeopleSoft) - Deleting an Academic Session Unenrolls Users from Courses
5 Canvas (PeopleSoft) - Courses not appearing in Canvas if not "in Scope" in PeopleSoft
6 Canvas (PeopleSoft) - PeopleSoft SAIP does not trigger event message when instructors are changed unless the add/remove functionality is used
7 Canvas (Enrollment) - Student Enrolled in a Course Today, but Cannot See Course in Canvas
8 Canvas - Adding non-UW Users with a Person of Interest Account
9 Canvas (PeopleSoft) - Students enrolled as graduate and undergraduate in same course
10 Canvas (Enrollment) - Requesting manual SIS data integration into Canvas [Campus login required]
11 Canvas (PeopleSoft) - SIS ID Explained [Campus login required]

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