Continuity of Service :: DLE Continuity of Service - Pandemic/Emergency Preparedness
As UW campuses prepare continuity of instruction plans in the face of pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Spring 2020, the University of Wisconsin System Digital Learning Environment (DLE) provides enterprise learning technologies that campuses can use to continue instruction online.
For news about UW System and member campus responses to the emergency, visit the UW System Emergency Operations Center's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness site. For links to campus resources for alternate instructional delivery, see DLE - UW Campus Resources for Teaching and Learning Remotely.

For information about the readiness of our enterprise learning technology vendors for this emergency, see:
For rapid notification of product outages or vendor announcements, see the DLE Administrators - Monitoring System Status guide.

Given the cloud-based nature of the three core DLE technologies, we expect our core vendors to be able to scale up to accommodate the surge in DLE course content brought on by implementation of social distancing strategies. 

Institutions currently manage additional campus-specific tools integrated into their institutions' Canvas subaccounts. Local support teams should be poised for an increase in usage as instructors begin leveraging tools in their courses for the first time.

Emergency planning often raises more questions than it answers. UWS campus partners are encouraged to forward their DLE questions to their DLE implementation project manager. Your feedback is welcomed as we work through the preparedness planning process.

Online Teaching Resources

As campuses prepare continuity of instruction plans, we recommend these guides to adapting instruction in the face of an emergency.

Outside of the UW System, the following are good resources:

Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start, Chronicle of Higher Education, March 2020
How to Be a Better Online Teacher, Chronicle of Higher Education, April 2019
4 Lessons From Moving a Face-to-Face Course Online, Chronicle of Higher Education, March 2019
Emergency PreparednessRutgers University
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Members of the Educause Instructional Technology Community are compiling the following crowd-sourced lists in real time:  

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