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Canvas: Setting Up Shared Student Enrollment with UW-Madison in the Universities of Wisconsin implementation

Enrolling University of Wisconsin-Madison students in the Universities of Wisconsin instance of Canvas.

Some programs on the Universities of Wisconsin instance of Canvas may have enrollment that includes UW-Madison students in addition to a campus or institution already included in the Universities of Wisconsin Canvas implementation. Students from UW-Madison do not usually exist in the Universities of Wisconsin instance of Canvas, so they must be added.

Create a Supplemental Course in Canvas

  1. The campus Canvas institution admin creates a supplemental course section for the course.
  2. Click Sub-Accounts found in the menu list on the left.
  3. Click the name of the sub-account "[name of campus] - Instructional Supplemental Courses."
  4. Click the +Course button located near the top right of the screen.
  5. Name the course something that will identify it to you and others as the course for UW-Madison students such as [Course Name] UW-Madison Students [term name, term year] and select the correct enrollment term for the course.
  6. Click Add Course.
  7. In the new course, create a self-enrollment link by following the steps in the How do I enable course self-enrollment? guide.
  8. Paste the course's self-enrollment URL into an email and send it to either the course instructor or the students in the course. 

TIP: Create an additional section in the supplemental course and enroll the instructor in it so they can later reference the supplemental course if necessary. 

Enroll UW-Madison students

  1. The UW-Madison students should follow the link and click the UW Employee/Faculty/Student button and select UW-Madison as their organization from the resulting drop-down menu. This will allow them to use the Universities of Wisconsin instance.
  2. Once they've entered their UW-Madison credentials, they click Enroll in Course to complete the enrollment process.

Crosslist the Supplemental Course

Once all of the UW-Madison students have enrolled themselves in the supplemental course, crosslist the supplemental course section with the SIS created instructional section. Please note that once the supplemental course section is cross-listed, no additional Madison students can be added.

At the end of the term, the grades will have to be manually entered into the UW-Madison SIS.

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