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Comparison of Canvas Accessibility Tools: Accessibility Checker vs. UDOIT

This article lists the criteria which is checked for by the two Canvas accessibility tools: the Canvas Accessibility Checker in the Rich Content Editor, and UDOIT.

It is important to note that the Canvas Accessibility Checker can only check content edited in the Rich Content Editor. UDOIT can conduct a scan most areas of Canvas.  

Instructors should use both tools to ensure their content is accessible as possible.  

Issue  Canvas Accessibility Checker  UDOIT* 
Links do not contain text  No  Yes 
Link text is not meaningful  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Adjacent links do not have separators  Yes  No 
Link anchors with images are missing alternate text  No  Yes 
Image Alternate Text     
Non-decorative images are missing alternate text  Yes  Yes 
Images alternate text is the filename  Yes  Yes 
Images alternate text is too long  Yes  Yes 
Decorative images incorrectly have alternate text  No  Yes 
Multimedia objects are missing text equivalents  No  Yes 
Animated GIFs may have been used  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Video is missing captions  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Videos are "not found"  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Captions do not match the language of the course  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Transcripts/captions does not change when media changes  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Multimedia requires a plugin  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Heading length is greater than 120 characters  Yes  No 
Heading does not contain text  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Heading may be needed for course structure  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Headings are not sequential  Yes  No 
Table is missing captions  Yes  No 
Table is missing heading cells  Yes  Yes 
Table headings are missing scope  Yes  Yes 
Color and Design     
Color contrast is not adequate  Yes  Yes 
Color may be used for emphasis  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Styles may be used for structure  No  Yes (Suggestion) 
Lists are not properly marked in HTML  Yes  No 
Content length is more than 3000 words  No  Yes (Suggestion) 

* – When UDOIT can programmatically identify an issue, an Error is displayed in the course. When UDOIT can identify that something may be relevant, the issue is shown as a suggestion.

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