Canvas - Integration - Microsoft Teams Meeting

Microsoft Teams Meetings is part of the enterprise Office 365 installation available through each University of Wisconsin System (UWS) institution. The integration with Canvas allows users with Microsoft accounts to create online Teams meetings through Canvas. Microsoft Teams Meetings has been approved for use within the University of Wisconsin System (UWS) Digital Learning Environment (DLE). The integration will be activated on 06/09/2020 in the DLE's Instructional, Continuing Education, and Training and Development instances.


Users can create Microsoft Teams meetings through this integration in most areas that support the Canvas Rich Content Editor.


1) Go to any Canvas Page, Assignment, Discussion, etc, which allows you to edit text. Click Edit or Reply to open the text editing view.

2a) In courses using the classic Rich Content Editor, click the V-shaped More External Tools drop-down, then select Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Canvas rich text editor, with the v-shaped "More External Tools" button and the "Microsoft Teams Meetings" option highlighted.

2b) In courses using the new Rich Content Editor, click the plug-shaped Apps button. 

New Canvas rich text editor, with plug-shaped Apps button highlighted

The Select Apps menu will pop up. Select Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Select Apps menu with Microsoft Teams Meetings highlighted.

3) This should launch you into the Microsoft Teams Meetings integration. To schedule a meeting, follow the instructions in the "Usage" section of Instructure's Microsoft Teams Meetings in Canvas guide.

4) For an overview of how to use Microsoft Teams, see Microsoft's Meetings and Calls guide.


Teams is a component of each institution's enterprise Microsoft Office 365 license. The Digital Learning Environment team supports the Canvas integration. For support of the application itself, users should contact their institution. 

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