Kaltura - Live Streaming Events

University of Wisconsin System (UWS) institutions can use Kaltura Live to stream events to large online audiences. This guide can help campus Kaltura administrators determine if Kaltura Live is the correct streaming platform for them. This guide also discusses how to set up events in Kaltura Live.

This guide focuses on setting up live streaming through Kaltura Live. Streaming should be one part of a larger video production plan. Consult with your campus video production staff, event planning staff, and network staff before undertaking a streaming video production of a live event.

The University of Wisconsin System (UWS) has licensed Kaltura Live. This does not include the additional features in Kaltura's Live+ or Webcasting modules. 

Advantages of Kaltura Live stream:

Disadvantages of Kaltura Live stream:

For an overview of basic setup and testing for Kaltura live streaming, read the Getting Started with Kaltura Live guide.


See Live Encoding Best Practices Guide (Kaltura) for a technical overview Kaltura Live requirements and setup.

Encoding guidelines, from the Kaltura Live Stream Requirements Guide

System requirements for broadcasting hardware, from Live Encoding Best Practices Guide

Recommended :

Optimal (for HD Streaming)

KMC Setup

Setting up a Kaltura Live streaming event requires a campus Kaltura administrator to access the Kaltura Management Console (KMC > Create > Create Live Stream). See the Create a Live Stream entry in the KMC guide for more information. 

Additional Documentation

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