EPD - Microsoft (MS) Teams - How to Manage Notifications and Keep Track of Things in Teams

Stay connected to activity in Teams using notifications and organizational strategies.

In Teams, primary communication happens within Channels and Chats. 

Manage Notifications in Teams under Profile > Settings > Notifications

Teams > profile > settings > notifications

  • If new to Teams, consider setting all of the Mentions notifications to Banner and Email, to keep those notifications flowing into your inbox and avoid missing an important Teams update. 

  • If you want to bookmark/save an important post for future reference, select more options ••• > Save this Message. Then select your profile picture at the top of the app, and choose Saved to see a list of all of your saved posts. Here are detailed instructions for How to Save a Post in teams.

  • When using Teams on mobile, you may want to set quiet hours. To do this, go to More More button > Notifications > Quiet hours. Then set a specific time of day when you want Teams to hold your notifications.

  • Your name in Teams will appear as it does in MyUW. If you want to change it, you can change it using the "Preferred Name" application in MyUW and it will change in Teams as well. For more information, see MyUW - Using the "Preferred Name" App

More info about How to Manage Channels

  • Within a Team, you can @mention an individual, a Channel within the Team, or the entire Team. Here's how to @mention

  • To be notified about activity in a Team, you can receive a banner notification and/or an email, as well as monitor the stream of activity across all of your Teams and Channels in the Activity Feed. 

  • A red circle with the number of notifications appears next to the Activity tab to indicate you have a notification—such as an @mention or a reply—in your feed. These notifications remain in your feed for 14 days. 

  • When the title of a Team is bolded, it means there are new, unread posts or replies in that Team.

  • Additional strategies to manage Channel activity:
1. Set Channel Notifications to be alerted of new posts and replies in that Channel. 
To do so, click Channel more options ••• > Channel notifications and select your preferences. 

 If you have Hidden a Channel, you won't receive Notifications for that channel.

channel > more options button > channel notifications

2. Move your most active, high priority Teams to the top of your list for increased visibility. To do so, click the Team and drag it to the top. 

3. Within a Team, pin your busiest Channels to the top of your list for increased visibility. 
To pin a Channel, click more options ••• > Pin and it will move to the top. 

4. When replying to someone's post in a Channel, be sure to use the Reply text box directly beneath their message, rather than start a new message, to keep the conversation threaded together. Here's how to Post and Reply in a Channel

5. Save important posts for future reference. Here's how to Save a Post and find it again later

More info about How to Manage Chats

  • Chat is used for direct messaging between individuals and small groups across Teams. It is also used to capture the chat communication that takes place during a Teams Meeting. 

  • To be notified about activity in a Chat, you can receive a banner notification and/or an email, and access all of your chat messages via the Chat tab. 
  • A red circle with the number of chats appears next to the Chat tab when you have new chat messages. 

  • Additional strategies to manage Chat activity: 
1. Pin your frequent, high priority chats for increased visibility. You can pin up to 15 Chats. To pin a chat, highlight the chat, then click more options ••• > Pin.

2. Move your most active, high priority Chats to the top of your list for increased visibility. To do so, select the Chat and drag it to the top. 

3. When you have a Chat with more than one other person, you can rename your Chat, giving it a topic title or group name. To do so, select the Chat, click the pencil icon next to the other people's names, and give the Chat a title. 

teams rename chat

4. You can make Teams video and audio calls from within a Chat. 

teams chat video and audio calls

5. You can add people to an existing Chat, and when you do, determine how much chat history is included. 

teams chat add people

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