UWP1 - Applications Affected when UWP1 Oracle Database is Down

This document lists the applications that are affected when the UWP1 database is down.


"Appointment Payroll and Benefits System"
Authorization for the Authorized Agent Network Tool Suite (AANTS), managed by DoIT Network Services
"Inchoate as Lawson implementation was abandoned"
"McBurney Center Service management System aka ""Floyd"""
"This DB supports multiple SoN web applications with more to come:
(1) SoN-Online Undergraduate Application
(2) SoN - Online Masters Student Scholorship/Traineeship Application"
A Nursing survey web site
Access to views of data in OHRCOMMON for the DoIT Application Information Security team.
Access to views of OHRCOMMON for HRS staff and consultants and to restrict access to some data such as SSN.
ADI Task tracker
ARSCALS - CALS Agricultural Research Station
Any application depending on IADS which would need access to IADS data merged with new Lawson data
Backend for DoIT SE/LIRA customer form tracking web-app
Biochemistry Job Board Web App
BuckyBackup billing and contact information and history.
CALS News web app
Centralize access to OHRCOMMON and PVPVL data
CLARIFY: UDS imports to Clarify's contacts (customers) database
CREECA Lending Library
Center for Women’s Health Research Web App
Change management system
CIO Website (parts of the website affected)
Classified Human Resources Information System (CHRIS)
Common Scholarship Application
Common schema for certain control tables-- county table
Continuing Medical Education Program Tracking and Cost Accounting
CHRIS and PVL enhancements to HRS system
Database used by the Legislative Budget System.
DoIT Catalog/CBS Interface
DoIT HR web application
DoIT Staff Training web application and Travel web application
DoIT-STAR Timesheet
E-Commerce Merchants and Transactions
FPNM Web Application
Faculty Voting
Financial Aid data before conversion to PeopleSoft
Grant access to views of data in OHRCOMMON and PVPVL to Budget office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration
Guest Net ID web app
Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection-SOHE
SIS Central Website (NOT SIS Application)
InfoAccess Data security web app
Internal DoIT application tracking web application
Internal Systems Portfolio Manager
InfoLab Laptop Checkout System
It is the backend for the Dermatology website's content management system.
L&S Honors Website
LTDE Contact Database
Libraries Article Request & Fulfillment System
MST Web Services Logging and Monitoring
MedMail web application for med school
Morgridge Transportation Center Program – Free Volunteer Transportation Program
My Professional Development; My Professional Development Web App
New series of Web applications for School of Nursing
Network Services data tables for various tracking databases
Nutritional Science - Web application for submitting online forms
OHRD’s Classified Employee Recognition Award Web App
OQI Client Billing and Resource Center Web App
Off-Campus Housing Listing Service Web App
Oracle Rooms Table(Facilities management ?)
Pesticide Applicator Training Storefront Web App
Physician Assistant Program website data storage
Poll-Worker Application to facilitate recording of ballots passed out at polling sites.
Position Descriptions (PD)
Position Vacancy Listings (PVL)
Project Startup Status and Tools Web App
Reference Letter Center Web App
Registered Student Organizations / ASM Grants / MCC Grants.
These applications are all web forms.
In addition each office has one or more MS Access applications that link to these tables.
Repair and Desktop Support
Report Schema for Student Payroll
Schema holding views into HR schemas used to enforce secure access to data.
SOAR Online Registration Web App
Schema to replace Oracle Procedural Gateway code calling IMS/DB2 data from Mainframe.
Schema to support a web-based application that is going to serve as a reporting tool to track progress on a variety of educational initiatives in the state.
School of Music Grad & Facilities Application
Secretary of the Faculty Committee Database
Security layer schema for accessing OHRCOMMON and other HR data
Set of jobs controlled by OPS/IWS and manual interventions that constitute the College Profile System
SoHE/Southern Child Welfare Training Partnership
Store entries and related workflow data for student scholarship applications.
Store entries for an application allowing students to accept new curriculum instead of being grandfathered into the old curriculum
Store data for the Office of Equity and Diversity
Student payroll database for the WARF campuses
Support the WiscStart NetID web application.
T32 Database
Telecommunications Management System
The AIDS Awareness site
UHS Health History Survey Web App
UW Benefits Administration (UWBA)
UW-Madison Imaging
UW-Madison OHR processes
UW Political Science
UWPC Student Payroll
Union HR Jobs
University Directory Services (UDS)
Visit Bucky Tour Reservation System
Voice Enabled Directory Assistance (VEDA)
WEBSUG and NCOA SSPAR applications
WISC software distribution
Web Hosting and billing site
WebDAS (Web Departmental Accounting System)
Wendt Library Journal Value Comparison Study
Wisconsin Union Event Calendar
Wisconsin Union Mini-Courses
Wisconsin Union Terrace Store and Event Calendar Web Apps
http://mycesa.k12.wi.us (written in original ASP and hosted on DoIT's platform

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