Tips, Tricks, and Recommended Practices Exam 4

Law Students are encouraged to look at these items to ensure their exam software runs as reliably as possible.

1. Do a Practice Exam in CLOSED mode.

It's important to use the software in the mode that you'll be using it for your exam, check that everything works in closed mode, read the instructions and basic primers that we have provided for using the software. Do this at least 24 hours before the exam to give time to visit room 2115 if you run into trouble.

2. Make sure your computer is up to date. 

We have had some few students spontaneously be kicked out of the exam software due to automatic updates running in the background. 

Windows: Update Windows 10 or Update older versions of Windows
Mac: Apple Menu → System Preferences → Software Update → Check Now.

3. Reboot your computer before the exam. 

Having a clean slate for the exam application to work with is very useful. If you don't normally shut your system down, before your exam is a good time to get it clear. (Make sure to close all the applications on your computer before restarting as some operating systems will re-open applications that were active.)

4. Be early to your exam.

If at all possible, be 30 minutes to 15 minutes early. This gives you some extra time to get your computer up and running and the time to correct any last minute problems that may pop up.

5. Don't use your computer if it's sick.

If your computer is not working reliably- even if it runs the exam software and seems to work, we don't recommend that you use it. If it crashes regularly, and generally is unreliable, your odds of having a problem during the exam are much higher than someone with a working computer. 

6. Authenticate to the Wireless Network before your exam.

You must have authenticated to the Wireless network before your exam in order for the upload to work. If you forget, it's not the end of the world, but authenticating is very helpful.

7. If you use a borrowed computer, make sure and email yourself a copy of the exam file. 

On the off chance that you borrow a computer to take the exam, it's important to keep a copy of the exam file. If you check one out from the library, the computer WILL be cleaned of any files you create on it. If you borrow one from a friend, when you give the computer back, you no longer have control over what happens with it and if you need the files down the road, might not be able to get them off the machine.

8. Open Mode does not allow you to copy and paste. 

While you have access to the rest of your computer, you can't copy and paste from your notes into the exam. You also shouldn't compose your exam in another application - you will have to retype it into the exam software.

9. Use Answer Separators to count the words for each question if your Professor establishes word limits.

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