VuGen - Create scripts emulating an IT user

Introduction to VuGen

VuGen is an HP application that emulates a user performing a task under a variety of protocols.  We use it as a tool to create plug-in scripts that can be configured as monitors under Nagios.

VuGen records a human task into an executable script that can repeatedly execute this task in the form of a monitor.  For example, you can use a Web - HTTP/HTML Vuser Script to emulate users operating Web browsers. You can use FTP Vusers to emulate an FTP session.  Protocols include:

.NET - Supports the recording of Microsoft .NET client-server technologies.

C Vuser - A generic virtual user which uses the standard C library.

Citrix ICA - A remote access tool, allowing users to run specific applications on external machines.

(DNS) Domain Name Resolution - The DNS protocol is a low-level protocol that allows you to emulate the actions of a user working against a DNS server.  The DNS protocol emulates a user accessing a Domain Name Server to resolve a host name with its IP address.

Flex - Flex is an application development solution for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) within the enterprise and across the Web. Action Message Format (AMF), is a Macromedia proprietary protocol that allows Flash Remoting binary data to be exchanged between a Flash application and an application server over HTTP.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) -  a system which transfers files from one location to another over a network.  The FTP protocol is a low-level protocol that allows you to emulate the actions of a user working against an FTP server.

IMAP (Internet Messaging) - a protocol which enables clients to read email from a mail server.

Java over HTTP - Designed to record java-based applications and applets. It produces a Java language script using web functions. This protocol is distinguished from other Java protocols in that it can record and replay Java remote calls over HTTP.

Java Record Replay - Common Java recorder.

Java Vuser - Java programming language with protocol level support.

LDAP (Listing Directory Service) - An Internet protocol designed to allow email applications to look up contact information from a server.

MAPI (Microsoft Exchange) - Messaging Application Programming Interface designed to allow applications to send and receive email messages.

Mobile Application HTTP/HTML - Enables the recording of mobile native applications.

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) - a protocol providing a common interface for accessing databases.

Oracle 2 Tier - Oracle database using a standard 2-tier client/server architecture.

Oracle Web - The Oracle Applications interface that performs actions over the Web. This Vuser type detects actions on both the API and Javascript levels.

Oracle NCA - Oracle 3-tier architecture database consisting of Java client, Web server and database.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) - A protocol designed to allow single computers to retrieve email from a mail server.

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) - A remote access tool using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to run applications on an external machine.

RTE (Remote Terminal Emulator) - Emulation of users who submit input to, and receive output from, character-based applications.

SAP GUI - An Enterprise Resource Planning system to integrate key business and management processes using the SAP GUI client for Windows.

SAP Web - An Enterprise Resource Planning system to integrate key business and management processes using the SAP Portal or Workplace clients.

Siebel Web - A Customer Relationship Management Application.

SMP (SAP Mobile Platform) - A protocol for recording actions on a mobile SAP application.

SMTP (Simple Mail Protocol) - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - a system for distributing mail to a particular machine.

Teradici PCoIP Protocol Supports testing on the Teradici platform.

TruClient Mobile Web - Enables the recording of mobile browser based applications using the TruClient technology.

TruClient Native Mobile - Records native mobile applications using the TruClient technology.

TruClient Web - An advanced protocol for modern JavaScript-based applications emulating user activity within a Web browser. Scripts are developed interactively from within a Web browser. 

Web HTTP/HTML - Emulation of communication between a browser and Web server on an HTTP or HTML level.

Web Services - Web Services are a programmatic interface for applications to communicate with one another over the World Wide Web.

Windows Sockets - The standard network programming interface for the Windows platform. 

Though any of these protocols or combination of protocols may be used, the vast majority of current VuGen-based monitors are recorded as single protocol monitors using Web HTTP/HTML. 

To obtain access to VuGen, make a request to for access to the Vugen Dev system.  We will arrange an account for you on the VuGen dev server and make arrangements to give you a tutorial session on using the VuGen application.  After you develop a successful script we will work with you to connect the script to Nagios with the appropriate CMDB CI association and adding the monitor to the Enterprise system.

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