IRB Member Newsletter--Scheduling Special Edition

New Scheduling Processes

The HS-IRBs Office has begun working on the 2018 meeting and PRS schedule. To better serve IRB members and to accommodate their clinic schedules, we will be implementing several new processes this year:

  • Semi-annual scheduling: Instead of expecting responses to dates more than a year away, we are limiting this round of scheduling to January through June 2018. We will then have a second round of scheduling in late March/early April to plan for July through December 2018. See this workflow for more details. 
  • Qualtrics survey: Similar in format to a Doodle poll, we will be asking every IRB member to list his or her availability for all meetings via Qualtrics. This will make it easier to convey any conflicts, allow office staff to keep the schedule balanced as much as possible, and reduce the number of back-and-forth emails.
  • Outlook appointments: In addition to a final schedule in Excel or Word format, we will also be sending Outlook calendar invitations to assist with scheduling. Thank you to the several IRB members who have already piloted this process.

    We do not expect that all IRB members will utilize Outlook to convey schedule changes, but if you do need to cancel your attendance at a meeting, please be sure to send the response to or send a separate email to communicate your absence. If you would prefer not to have Outlook invitations sent to you, please contact the annual schedule coordinator, Tesha Zimmerman (608-262-7544).

2018 Timeline - January through June

We are anticipating that this round of IRB meeting scheduling will proceed as follows:

9/29/17 – Qualtrics survey sent out to all IRB members and assistants

10/20/17 – Deadline to respond to Qualtrics survey

10/30/17 – Based on their responses, IRB members will receive a schedule and Outlook invitations for January – June 2018

11/10/17 – IRB members will receive a PRS schedule

11/20/17 – Deadline to change/swap/adjust schedule

11/30/17 – Final schedules in Word/Excel sent out

Tips for Making This Process as Smooth as Possible

  • Complete the Qualtrics survey promptly. The sooner that we receive replies from everyone in your reviewer group, the sooner we can finalize the schedule for your group.
  • Make a best guess. We recognize that schedules are always subject to change. Unplanned events happen, clinic schedules get switched, you may be on call, but if you’re likely to be able to attend, answer “yes.”
  • Reach out to the annual schedule coordinator, Tesha Zimmerman (608-262-7544) if you have any questions or spot mistakes in your schedule.

Scheduling Jargon

  • Your “reviewer group” consists of other IRB members who fill the roughly same niche. These groups may have generic or unique names, ranging from Medicine Group 2 to Family Med/Nursing/OB-GYN. We encourage you to reach out to other members in your reviewer group to arrange “swaps” if a conflict comes up later in the year. The final schedule will have a list of all the members in your reviewer group, for reference.
  • An “OPEN” slot indicates that no one in your reviewer group is currently assigned to that meeting.
  • A “main member” is typically the reviewer group member who has been on the committee the longest. When there is an OPEN slot and no one is able to fill it, main members are listed on the agenda by default. In these situations, there is no expectation for the main member to attend.
  • “PRS” is the pre-review of changes and continuing reviews. It is completed 6 – 10 days prior to the meeting date and typically takes 1 – 2 hours to finish. You can expect to be assigned to PRS roughly twice a year.

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