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Canvas iClicker Integration

Note: iClicker is no longer the recommended student response system at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Top Hat is the recommended and supported participation system. We recognize that there are still instructors using iClicker on campus and have authored this document to ease their use of iClicker with Canvas.

Preparing to Install iClicker in Canvas

  1. Because iClicker is no longer supported by the university, users should work with the vendor directly to obtain the integration software for Canvas, as well as any other related documentation and support

Installation of iClicker in Canvas

  1. Login to your course and click on Settings
    Image of Canvas navigation sidebar, with Settings highlighter
  2. Now select the Apps tab
  3. Search for iClicker within the apps
  4. Select iClicker Classic
    Select Apps, Search iClicker, and Select iClicker Classic tile
  5. Select Add App
  6. Enter the consumer key and shared secret obtained in the previous section, step 3.
    Image of Canvas Apps tab, found at the top of the Settings page. "iClicker" is entered into the search bar, and the "iclicker Classic" tile is highlighted.

Adding iClicker to Your Course Menu

  1. Once you have activated the iClicker app in Canvas you will likely want to add it to your course menu to allow your students to register their clicker. Start by clicking Settings.
  2. Click on the Navigation tab.
  3. Scroll down to where you see the iClicker registration menu option. Click the gear next to it and select Enable:
    Image of Canvas "navigation" tab, found under "settings". The i>clicker registration item is highlighted.
  4. Click Save.
  5. i>clicker registration should now appear on your course menu.

iClicker support requests should be directed to the company at

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