Office 365 - Link Kumo to OneDrive for Business

Kumo is a service that provides easy access to your files in UW-Madison Google Drive, UW-Madison Box, and UW-Madison OneDrive for Business when using a Windows system joined to Campus Active Directory that is running the Kumo client software.

Kumo will initially be available in the Campus InfoLabs, however, interested departmental IT staff can contact with inquiries on deploying the Kumo client in your own environment.

How does Kumo work with UW-Madison OneDrive for Business?

UW-Madison OneDrive for Business is connected as a virtual drive. You can access your files via mounted drives in Windows Explorer.  This drive is silently setup by the Kumo client and is ready to go within seconds of logging in. Files are accessed on demand by the client rather than synced, which minimizes local storage requirements, and all file I/O occurs strictly between the cloud service and the user's machine.

What are the requirements to use Kumo?

Use of the UW-Madison Kumo service is limited to Windows systems joined to Campus Active Directory (AD) whose users login with their NetIDs. These systems must also have the Kumo client software installed. Please contact your local IT staff if you believe the client is installed and you are experiencing problems accessing it.

How can I link Kumo to UW-Madison OneDrive for Business?

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Go to the UW-Madison Kumo portal at and click Log In.
  3. UW-MadisonKumoStep2.a.png

  4. Log in with your NetID and NetID password.
  5. UW-MadisonKumoStep3.png

  6. Click the downward arrow next to UW-Madison OneDrive for Business.
  7. UW-MadisonKumoStep4.png

  8. Click Authorize.
  9. UW-MadisonKumoStep5.png

  10. When prompted to select an email address, select your account.
  11. UW-MadisonKumoStep6.a.png

  12. Select Work or school account.
  13. UW-MadisonKumoStep7.a.png

  14. Confirm you have successfully authorized Kumo to access your UW-Madison OneDrive for Business account.
  15. UW-MadisonKumoStep8.png

UW-Madison OneDrive for Business is now mapped to your drive and an icon will appear in Windows Explorer under Network Location. 

Note: These steps only need to be configured once for each UW-Madison cloud storage service (e.g., UW-Madison Google Drive, UW-Madison Box, and UW-Madison OneDrive for Business).

What should I do after I link Kumo to UW-Madison OneDrive for Business?

  1. (Optional) Link Kumo to another UW-Madison cloud storage service.

    • Repeat the steps above and click the downward arrow next to the UW-Madison cloud storage service that should be linked to Kumo.
  2. Exit the UW-Madison Kumo portal.

    • Click Log Out and quit the browser to ensure you are completely logged out.
  3. Access recently mapped drive in Windows Explorer.

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