L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Bylaws

This document contains the bylaws for the Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) in the College of Letters & Science. Current as of fall, 2011.


At the January 12, 1998 meeting of the Academic Staff Assembly, Academic Staff Document #210, titled “School, College, and Division Committees on Academic Staff Issues” was passed. This document calls for each school, college, or division of the University of Wisconsin-Madison to establish a committee to advise the Dean or Director on issues pertaining to or affecting academic staff members in that unit. The responsibilities, membership guidelines, and procedures for such committees are described in that document and have been incorporated into the current document as applicable.


In accordance with the guidelines established in Academic Staff Document #210, the responsibilities of Letters and Science Committee on Academic Staff Issues will be to advise the Dean on the formulation and review of all policies and procedures concerning academic staff members, including personnel matters, and to represent academic staff members in the development of all college policies and procedures concerning academic staff members. In addition, the Committee will provide advice to the Dean on college program decisions likely to affect promotional opportunities, or lead to non-renewal or layoff of academic staff members, develop opportunities for participation of academic staff members in department and unit governance, and develop opportunities for recognition of academic staff member contributions to the College’s mission and to the excellence of its programs.

Membership Guidelines:

The CASI will consist of up to twelve members: at least six to be elected by the Academic Staff of the College and the others will be appointed by the Dean. All elected and appointed members shall be academic staff holding an appointment within the College. The elected members should include academic staff from the instructional, research, outreach, advising or student services areas, and any other functional area (administration, communications information technology, library services, student services, and other) represented in the college. The remaining appointed members will be chosen to balance the committee composition.

The committee members appointed by the Dean will be chosen with the goal of enhancing balance between various groups (male/female, category A/category B, humanities/social science/physical and life science, etc.). The Dean will co-chair the committee and will be a member ex-officio.

Although the membership rules specify positions based on functional area to assure representation of all academic staff in the College and to provide a variety of perspectives, each elected/appointed member will represent the entire academic staff of the College, not a particular constituency. Therefore, all elections will be at large: all academic staff members with an active appointment as of March 1 will be eligible to vote in each election, regardless of the functional area the candidates represent.

A nominations sub-committee will be established to solicit suggested candidates from the Letters and Science Academic Staff at large and to put together a slate of nominees for each election.

Academic staff members who accept the nomination of the sub-committee will submit a brief statement to the Dean’s Office. These statements will be circulated at the time of the election, which will be held each year before the end of the spring semester and which will be coordinated by the Dean’s Office. In races with two candidates, the candidate receiving the majority of votes cast will be considered the winner of the election; in races with more than two candidates, the candidate receiving a plurality of votes cast will be considered the winner.

Committee members will be elected/appointed for three-year terms (except when appointed to fill a mid-term vacancy). Terms shall be staggered so that two-three new members are elected/appointed each year. Each newly elected/appointed committee member will begin their three-year term in the fall semester after their election or appointment to CASI.

No member may serve for more than three consecutive years, with the exception of mid-year appointees who choose to run for election.  Mid-term vacancies will be filled by appointment by the Dean with input from the committee in such a way as to assure the functional area balance of the committee. The mid-term appointee will serve for the remainder of the vacant term.

The procedures for the election/nomination of academic staff members to the committee, and any changes thereto shall be posted. The Co-Chair oversees the election process (see duties, below).

One first-year member of CASI will be appointed to the L&S Professional Development and Recognition Committee for a 3-year term.  


At least once per semester, the Committee shall meet and the Dean shall consult with it on the formulation and review of policies and procedures concerning academic staff members in the College. The Dean or a designee shall schedule a meeting of the Committee within a reasonable time if requested to do so by at least one-third of the Committee members.

The Committee shall adopt rules governing advance circulation of Committee agendas, how items may be added to agendas by a Committee member, how appropriate summaries of Committee meetings shall be made available to the academic staff of the College, and how the academic staff of the College shall be notified of the Committee membership. These rules and any subsequent modifications shall be filed with the Secretary of the Academic Staff.

At intervals not to exceed five years, the elected academic staff members of each committee shall review its structure and functions to assess its effectiveness as a voice for academic staff and its compliance with Academic Staff Policies and Procedures. The self study report shall be submitted to the Dean, to the academic staff of the College and to ASEC.

Appointment and duties of the academic staff Co-Chair:
  1. The academic staff Co-Chair will be appointed by CASI at its final meeting of the academic year.  The individual appointed as Co-Chair is usually in the final year of CASI membership during his/her tenure as Co-Chair.  The Co-Chair agrees to preside over each CASI meeting in the following academic year.
  2. The newly appointed Co-Chair meets with or contacts the previous Co-Chair as well as the ex-officio members of CASI for information on new and/or unresolved issues that must be addressed in the new academic year. 
  3. The Co-Chair solicits agenda items from the committee, and sends the agenda, along with the minutes of the previous meeting and any supporting content, to all committee members prior to the next meeting.  The Co-Chair sends this material to the CASI webmaster for posting on the CASI website.
  4. The Co-Chair ensures that each CASI meeting includes a Dean's report, announcements, all issues of continuing importance from the previous meetings, and new business.  The Co-Chair ensures that meetings last no longer than one hour. 
  5. The Co-Chair coordinates the schedule of CASI meetings such that the Dean is available to attend and no CASI member misses more than two meetings due to conflicts. 
  6. The Co-Chair utilizes a CASI listserve to communicate with members and ex-officio members of the CASI.
  7. The Co-Chair serves as the liaison/point of contact with the Academic Staff Assembly and the Academic Staff Executive Committee, unless CASI appoints another member to fill this role.
  8. The Co-Chair oversees the CASI nominations subcommittee and the CASI and Letters and Science Academic Planning Council (APC) elections. That February, the CASI will also initiate such a process in order to produce an Academic Staff representative for the following year's opening term on the APC.  Both processes should be put in place during March and produce members for both bodies by May.  The Co-Chair will oversee both processes within the CASI structure.
  9. The Co-Chair at the end of the academic year will complete an annual report and provide it to the CASI webmaster to share.
Appointment and duties of the CASI webmaster:

The CASI webmaster posts CASI agendas, minutes, and supporting content on the CASI website.  The webmaster may or may not be a CASI member.  

Appointment and duties of the CASI note taker:
  1. Note taker duties will rotate between 2nd and 3rd year CASI members. 
  2. The CASI Co-Chair is responsible for identifying the note taker in advance of the meeting.
  3. As soon as possible after the meeting, but not more than a week, the note taker will send the draft minutes to the Co-Chair
  4. The Co-Chair will email the draft minutes to the entire group for comments or corrections.
  5. The Co-Chair will incorporate changes, sends final version to entire group prior to next meeting.
  6. During the meeting, the Co-Chair will make one final call for changes. If none, the minutes stand as approved.
  7. If additional changes are requested, the Co-Chair will make the needed revisions.
  8. Co-Chair will send the minutes to L&S appointee for posting on the CASI Web site.
Appointment and duties of the CASI nominations sub-committee:

Members in their third/final year on CASI will constitute the CASI nominations subcommittee.  The subcommittee will put forth a slate of candidates, from the L&S academic staff at large, for elections to CASI and the Academic Planning Council. 

By-laws updated fall 2011  

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