Kaltura - How to Embed a Video into a Captivate Presentation [UW-Madison]

This is a guide showing how to use Captivate's web object interaction to embed a video uploaded to UW Madison's Kaltura Mediaspace.

Captivate 2019

  1. From the Captivate toolbar, choose Objects → Web as shown below:
    Captivate 9 - Choose Objects -> Web
  2. In the upper right hand corner, select the three blue bars labeled Properties:
    Select the three blue bars labeled "Properties"
  3. The dialogue pictured below appears on the right side of the screen. Select the radio button selector next to Embed code:
    A screenshot showing the Captivate "Properties" window with the "Embed code" radio button selected.

  4. To get the embed code from your desired Kaltura MediaSpace item select Share below the video you want to embed. Click Embed, and then copy the selected embed code.
  5. Paste this embed code into the Captivate dialog and press Enter. The dotted box will populate with the video embedded:
    A screenshot showing Captivate with an embedded Kaltura video.
Below are notes from Adobe about the various options in the Propertiesdialogue and their functioning:
  • Select the Auto Load option if you wish to load the object automatically in output. By default, auto load option is selected when you create web object. In edit mode, after loading the object user needs to mouse over the object to start viewing the content.
  • If the auto load option is not selected, in the output you need to click the Play button to view the content. 
  • Choose to show the web object in slide or in new browser window by clicking the Display in the drop down menu. 
  • For display in slide,
    • Border Select this option, if you wish to view the border for the web object. 
    • Scrolling Select this option, if you wish to view the scroll bar when the content of object is bigger than the container. 
    • Loading Animation Select this option if you want any animation within the web object to load. 
  • For display in new browser window, 
    • Default Choose this if you want to view the web object with default browser settings. 
    • Full Screen Choose this option if you want to view the web object in full screen.
    • Custom Choose this option if you want to view the web object within your customized width and height dimensions. Click the blue-colored values corresponding to width and height and specify your preferred values.

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