Kaltura - Known Issue - Privacy and ad-blocking software can cause issues with Kaltura MediaSpace

This document describes potential issues privacy or ad-blocking software may cause users when trying to view Kaltura MediaSpace content.


    This affects users who are running privacy or ad-blocking software. Examples of software and host lists that we've received reports on that can cause issues with Kaltura MediaSpace videos include:
    • Ghostery - will cause the Kaltura MediaSpace player to display Unknown uiConf[0] error.
    • Privacy Badger - will cause uploads to timeout.
    • Curated host lists - for example the StevenBlack/hosts list - will cause the Kaltura MediaSpace player to display {"Error ["type":"networkError","details":"levelLoadError","fatal":true,"networkDetails":{} error.


    Issues with these privacy or ad-blocking software and hosts lists still exist as of 5/20/20.


    Workarounds will vary based on the privacy or ad-blocking software the end-user is using. If it is possible to whitelist Kaltura domains or disable the software for UW-Madison Kaltura and Canvas please try that.
    To resolve hosts file issues the user should remove Kaltura related sites from their hosts file. For example kaltura sites should not be redirected to These are some example domains which should not be redirected to
    • stats.kaltura.com
    • analytics.kaltura.com
    • cfvod.kaltura.com
    • cdnapi.kaltura.com

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