ASA Document 298. CEBC motion on layoff notification period

ASA Document #298

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Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee

Motion for Discussion:

Be it resolved, increase the length of fixed-term renewable appointment funding loss layoff notice periods to equal budget or program decision layoff notice periods.

Possible advantages:
Longer time for academic staff members to look for new jobs and to avoid gaps in employment
Advanced notice of funding situation to make informed career decisions
Layoff notice periods for fixed-term renewable academic staff would not be differentiated based on funding source 
Eliminates investigation of funding loss layoffs to determine if they should be budget or program layoffs 

Possible disadvantages:
May increase number of just-in-case layoff letters
Employers may lose valued academic staff employees

Nonrenewal and Layoff -- Background Information

The Rules of Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System (UWS) states:
UWS 10.03 Appointment Policies (1) Fixed Term Appointments. Each institution of the system may employ academic staff members on fixed term appointments. Such appointments shall be for a fixed term to be specified in the letter of appointment, are renewable solely at the option of the employing institution, and carry no expectation of reemployment beyond their stated term, regardless of how many times renewed.

ASPP Chapter 1 Coverage and Definitions
ASPP 1.03 Definitions
"Funding Loss" is unanticipated cancellation or reduction of a contract or grant or an unanticipated decline in an income account supporting a particular activity.

"Budget or Program Decision" refers to the reallocation or termination of resources by a university management decision that may result in staffing reductions in a program or operational area. This is distinct from funding loss, which is the result of a decision made beyond the control of management.

"Indefinite Appointment" is an academic staff appointment having permanent status and for an unlimited term.

The Academic Staff Policies and Procedures, University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison ASPP) states:
ASPP Chapter 2 Academic Staff Appointments
ASPP 2.01.1.a Fixed-Term Renewable Appointment The fixed-term renewable appointment is the most common appointment given to academic staff. This appointment is for the initial term specified in the letter of appointment and is renewable so long as the appointee render satisfactory service, funds are available, and the directions or needs of the program do not change.

Appointments for terms up to and including one year renew for the same term unless the academic staff member receives a written notice to the contrary. A letter of reappointment is not required.

ASPP 2.01.1.b Fixed-Term Rolling-Horizon Appointment A rolling-horizon appointment extends daily for the term specified in the letter of appointment. The term may be for one or more years. For example, a three-year rolling-horizon appointment automatically renews every day and entitles the employee to a full three years' notice of nonrenewal.

ASPP Chapter 5 Layoff for Reasons of Budget or Program
ASPP 5.04.2 Minimum Notice Period Academic staff with fixed-term or probationary appointments shall be given the standard notice periods specified in ASPP 3.04 unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary (e.g., almost immediate cutoff of funds). Even if these compelling reasons exist, employees shall be given at least the minimum layoff notice, depending on the reason for the layoff.

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