Change of Academic/Administrative Home for Academic Programs and Subjects*

Protocol established December 2016.

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When new academic programs (degree/majors, named options, certificates, minors) or subject listings are established, the original approval documents associated the academic program with an academic unit. This link between the academic program or subject listing and the department/academic unit is critical to linking the academic activity back to the department that supports and oversees the academic activity.

The academic unit serves as the academic and administrative home of the program. For example the department/academic unit typically fills the following roles:

  • originates all program and curricular changes through faculty governance.
  • assures that the curriculum is appropriate for the program, fulfills the learning goals, and is sufficiently robust and courses offered regularly so as not to hinder student progress to degree
  • responsible for student support services such as advising and accurate communication about the program or Subject
  • prepares all content for the Guide and assures that the program or Subject is represented accurately in communications about the program
  • oversees the course evaluation process for courses where appropriate
  • is responsible for assessment and program review for academic programs
  • is the department/academic unit to which academic activity (program enrollments, degrees, certificate awards, credits) are allocated in the information systems.

Because of the importance of the roles played by the academic/administrative home, records of any changes must be documented and approved through governance.

Academic programs and Subjects must be housed in academic units, that is, in units that have academic governance structures. Academic units should meet the standards of a department or department-like unit as defined in Faculty Policies and Procedures Chapter 5 and be housed within a school/college (FPP Ch 3). For exceptions, faculty must provide a robust rationale and establish a structure that has department-like features and supports the role of the academic/administrative home.

The Proposal

A proposal to change an academic/administrative home can be originated by the sending or receiving unit. Memos that document faculty governance votes at the department level and school/college level accompany the proposal or can be included in the approval notes in Lumen Programs. Any change to a plan or subplan will need to be done through Lumen Programs. Any changes to subjects of departments will need to be done through Lumen Structures.

The proposal includes the following information (prompted by questions in the proposal form):

  • Sending department (including UDDS), and school/college, and primary contact person/people
  • Receiving department (including UDDS), and school/college, and primary contact person/people
  • A timeline for the transition; note that academic changes usually take place the fall term after approval and some changes, for example those associated with Subject listings, require a long lead time
  • A rationale for the change
  • Information that shows the receiving unit has the capacity to serve as the academic/ administrative home
  • Information about any special considerations for students enrolled in the academic program

If a change-of-academic-home is embedded in a larger restructuring proposal, information should be provided that covers these same points. In such cases, GFEC will approve graduate program change-of-academic-home in the context of the restructuring proposal.

Approval Process

  1. The faculty of the sending and the receiving unit will formally approve the proposal and forward the proposal to the dean’s offices via the Lumen system.
  2. Both the sending and the receiving dean’s offices will approve the proposal, using standard processes, usually by consideration at the school/college academic planning council
  3. The dean/dean’s designee forwards the proposal to the Provost’s Office with the assembled documentation. The Graduate School should be copied for graduate programs. Leadership usually comes from the receiving dean’s office.
  4. The Provost’s Office/Academic Planning, and the Graduate School when graduate programs are involved, will review the materials and schedule actions for consideration at the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee for graduate programs and University Academic Planning Council for all programs and Subjects.
  5. The Office of the Provost will distribute a formal notice to interested campus individuals involved in implementation.

Jocelyn Milner
Vice Provost and Director, Academic Planning and Institutional Research

References: Change of Academic/Administrative Home for Academic Programs and Subjects

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