Bucky Backup - Enterprise to Lite Conversion

This document describes how to convert from Bucky Backup Enterprise to Bucky Backup Lite.

Bucky Backup Enterprise to Lite Conversion Process

  1. Fill out the Change/Cancel Bucky Backup Service Form.
    • Note: For the "Change Plan Type" option choose Lite.
  2. A Bucky Backup Administrator will contact you to work with you on an approximate cut over time/date.
    • Note: There may be a delay due to Bucky Backup demand.
  3. After the cut over, you will need to change your client settings (server and port) to point to Bucky Backup Lite.
    • Note: If you do not know your password then you will need to have it reset when the Bucky Backup Administrator contacts you. If you do know the password, then it will stay the same when you move to the new server.
    • Note: The Bucky Backup servers and associated ports are:

      Bucky Backup Enterprise Server Addresses Bucky Backup Enterprise Port Numbers
      bucky1.doit.wisc.edu 1499
      bucky2.doit.wisc.edu 1500
      bucky5.doit.wisc.edu 1503
      bucky6.doit.wisc.edu 1504


      Bucky Backup Lite Server Addresses
      Bucky Backup Lite Port Numbers
      bl1.doit.wisc.edu 1501


       Bucky Backup Archive Server Addresses
      Bucky Backup Archive Port Numbers
      ba1.doit.wisc.edu 1501

  4. To change your client settings:
    1. Open the Backup-Archive GUI.
    2. Click the Utilities menu then Setup Wizard.
    3. Check the box next to Help me configure the TSM Client Options File. Click Next.
    4. Click Next.
    5. Select Update my options file. Click Next.
    6. Leave the Node Name the same. Click Next.
    7. Select TCP/IP and click Next.
    8. Change the Server Address and Port Number to point to the appropriate Bucky Backup Lite server. Click Next.
    9. Click Next through the rest of the wizard until you see Apply. Click Apply.
    10. Click Finish.
  5. Once the client settings have been updated, you will need to restart the scheduler.
  6. To restart the scheduler:
    • For instructions on how to stop and the start the scheduler please see the instructions for your specific operating system:
  7. The scheduler will now run as planned.
  8. To confirm the new schedule:
    1. Check the schedule log:
      • Windows: Open a command prompt and enter "C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\dsmc.exe q sched"
      • Mac: Open terminal then run "dsmc q sched"
      • Linux: Open terminal then run "/opt/tivoli/tsm/ba/bin/dsmc q sched"
    2. The important thing to look at is the “Server Window Start” information. Your next scheduled backup will start between then and 2 hours from then. If things don’t look right, please call the Help Desk at 264-HELP (264-4357).
    3. Make sure you leave your computer turned on and the TSM Client Acceptor service running during the time that you backups are scheduled to occur. The Acceptor will start the Scheduler service when the backup starts, and stop it when it finishes.

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