e-Reimbursement - Expense Report may require approval multiple times

In e-Reimbursement, an expense report is required to be approved by a departmental Approver and Auditor. Due to system configurations, the Approvers may be required to approve an Expense Report multiple times in certain circumstances. This document explains why.


This problem can generally be described as follows:

  1. The Approver receives an expense report pending approval
  2. The Approver approves the expense report
  3. The Approver returns to their "Approval queue" (list of reports pending approval)
  4. The expense report that was approved in step two has returned (or returns after the Approver clicks the refresh button within their approval queue)

The Approver may be required to approve the expense report two or more times. This problem occurs when an expense report has more than one line of funding charged against the same department but it is the same Approver that is assigned to the other funding string. This is most common when a department is splitting payment of an expense report between two or more projects within the same department.

At times, the report may route to the Auditor before receiving the approval for each unique funding string. In this case the Auditor cannot yet approve the report. While the report is in the Auditor's queue they cannot take action on it. If they open the report and scroll down to the "Pending Actions" of the expense report, it will still show as a pending at the Approver level. Once the Approver completes the process for each unique funding string, the Auditor will be able to approve at their level.  


The expense report will need to be approved for each line of funding associated with a given department. For example, if an expense report is being charged against two projects in the same department, the expense report will need to be approved twice.

This can also occur if an Approver makes changes to the number of lines of funding. If an Expense Report has been approved and appears for approval again, verify that it is not a duplicate Expense Report and continue approving until the Expense Report leaves your workflow.

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