Canvas - Listening to Name Pronunciations [UW-Madison]

NameCoach allows you to listen to recorded names inside of Canvas

Listening to names

Inside of courses, you can hear recorded names of people enrolled into the course. 

  1. Once in the course, find the NameCoach Roster link from the left side menu.
    NameCoach Roster link in left side menu on the course
  2. The top of the new screen allows you to hear your recording and re-record your name. Please see Namecoach - Recording Your Name [UW-Madison] for details.
    Update your recordings
  3. The second area shows you the recordings of all people enrolled in the course.
  4. In the Recorded Names tab, find the student’s name that you want to hear, then click the play button to the right of their name. 
    Recorded Names tab
  5. There is a second tab of users called Unrecorded Names. These users have not recorded their names into NameCoach. 

Sending Reminders

Unrecorded Names tab

  1. On this screen you can send emails through NameCoach to individuals or to all missing recordings. To send to an individual, simply click the envelope button to the right of their name, or to remind all of the missing recordings in the course, click on Remind all at the top. 
    Email individuals or Remind All
  2. Once you click one of the buttons above, you should see the following screen:
    Reminder email form with subject and body
    • (Note: If you are doing the individual reminder, the person’s name and course will be filled in.)
  3. You can use this window to customize the message. The words in {{ }} are special and will fill in automatically based on the recipient. When ready, click Send Reminders.

Asking for a Re-Record

  1. If you need a person to re-record their name, you can do so here. Go to the Recorded Names tab. 
    Recorded Names tab then email the user
  2. Then click the envelope button to the right of their name. A new window will appear.
    Re-record reminder message window with subject and body
  3. Customize the message as you need and then click Send Reminder. 

For more information about emerging best practices for utilizing NameCoach, please see: Using NameCoach in the Classroom

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