Basic Instructions on Using T1V's Think Hub

Instructions for using Wendt Commons rooms 311, 312, 324 room systems

ThinkHub is a visual collaboration tool designed to help you ideate, collaborate, and innovate. By consolidating all the moving pieces of a brainstorming session, ThinkHub works with the same devices, content and software that you already use, meaning almost zero setup time to initiate ThinkHub sessions, and more efficient and productive meetings with your peers.

First, install the T1V application on your device by visiting:


When ThinkHub has not been interacted with for a set amount of time, it will display this screen:
Idle Think Hub

Once you have installed the T1V application on your device, you will be prompted for your IP Address. You can reference the top right corner of the Canvas for this information.

t1v new screen

IPAddress and Key Code
Once you have connected to a ThinkHub device, that device will automatically appear in your list of ‘Recent Connections’ - this allows you to quickly connect to future sessions (note: you must use the IP Address for the ThinkHub to remember your ‘Recent Connections’). Select the room you wish to connect to, and you’ll be prompted for the password to join.

list rooms


As an additional layer of security, the password is located in the upper right corner of the Canvas, and is required to connect devices to the display via the T1V application. Once connected, you will see the following screen:


Tap ‘Share’ to share your device to the ThinkHub display. This will take you to screen sharing window where you can select to share a window or your entire device screen. Share a window or your entire device screen.


what to share

ThinkHub uses buttons to represent a series of user tools and actions, each represented by a visual icon.ThinkHub icons are used in different places around the ThinkHub Canvas, menu, and content trays.

canvas tray
ThinkHub is developed to accommodate multiple people doing several things at the same time.If you are used to operating a smartphone or tablet, many of ThinkHub’s touch gestures are the same.

All connected devices will appear in the devices section of the Canvas tray. Each device will display as a preview thumbnail until you tap or drag the thumbnail to share to the Canvas. At the base of the preview thumbnail, the name of the device displays as overlay text for additional reference.

To help you get ideas and thoughts onto the Canvas quickly, the ThinkHub includes several apps: Web Browser, Note,Sketch, and Group. You can access all four of these apps from the bottom corners of the Canvas. 


Each piece of content available to you on the ThinkHub Canvas comes with its own set of user tools. Or, what we call the content tray. The content tray is the same for all types of content, so no matter if you’ve opened a Note, Sketch, PDF, video, or image, your tray will be consistent and hold the same user tools.To activate a content tray, tap inside the content window. You will see the content tray appear, always anchored to the bottom left corner of the content window. While the content tray is open, you can not flick or drag/drop content windows. To close the content tray, tap the collapse button on the bottom left of the window.

content tray

Each ThinkHub Room consists of ThinkHub station (aka ‘Instructor Station’, and a ViewHub station(s) (aka ‘Student Station’). The number of ThinkHub and ViewHub stations can vary, all that is required is a minimum of one ThinkHub station and one ViewHub station. To broadcast the content window from the ThinkHub station to a ViewHub station(s), select the 'CAST' icon located in the upper-right corner of the content window.


To open the menu from the Canvas Tray just tap the ThinkHub icon to launch. You can also long tap (tap and hold) anywhere on the Canvas to open the menu.

The menu is broken into a series of tabs and submenus. All submenus can be detached by touching the blue pop-out icon in the top left of the submenu. This will detach the submenu from the menu, and will remain persistent on your Canvas. Use the submenu tab in the top left corner to drag and place the submenu anywhere on the Canvas.

When you wish to disconnect your device from the ThinkHub, locate the screen sharing window on your device and choose 'End Screen Share' in the upper right menu tab.

stop share

Using the menu, select 'Session' and tap ‘End Session’ to end the session without saving any data. This will clear the content on the canvas for the next ThinkHub session.


If you experience any issues with the ThinkHub and/or ViewHub stations, contact Engineering Media Services by calling (608) 890-3325 or emailing at

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