Lastpass - Accessibility & Usability Information

Lastpass accessibility and usability barriers found during testing, how to get help, or how to report barriers.

Lastpass is a password management service that encrypts the username and password of login credentials. Enterprise access to Lastpass, which comes with additional features is offered to UW–Madison departments. Basic access is offered to all students, faculty, and staff. 

When Multi-Factor Authentication Duo is enabled in a LastPass account, users will be asked for an additional authentication step after entering their login information. All students, faculty, and staff will login to LastPass using their NetID and password. 

This document includes the accessibility and usability barriers located during testing of Lastpass on 12/19/2019, as well as ways to get assistance, and how to report accessibility and usability barriers.

Due to the accessibility barriers located durng testing, we recommend that users with disabilities who experience accessibility difficulties in Lastpass refrain from relying on this tool solely for password and username management until the accessibility is updated. Progress is developing on this tool and we will update this KB with future test results and recommendations.

How to get help

Contact the DoIT Help Desk to report additional accessibility and usability barriers, or for general assistance for using Lastpass. Reach the Help Desk by phone at 608.264.4357, email at or visit their KnowledgeBase.

Accessibility and usability barriers

Missing alternative in the app logo

The Lastpass logo in the MFA Sign on page has no alternative text so when users who are blind or have low vision navigate to this page through sign-in, they may reach the MFA screen (which seems out of context without the Lastpass logo) and cause some confusion. Users should complete MFA and they will be navigated to the Lastpass username and password vault.

Enterprise User Profile inaccessible via keyboard

The Enterprise User Profile menu in the top right corner of the screen is skipped when the user is tabbing via keyboard to reach it. Users with motor disabilities or users who are blind or have low vision and are navigating via keyboard will be unable to reach this menu.

Account Settings keyboard inaccessibility

The Account Settings modal in the Lastpass app is not keyboard reachable via Reading Order navigation with a screen reader on. Screen reader users use Reading Order navigation via keyboard to read the static unclickable text on the screen. Blind or low vision users using a screen reader will not be able to read the contents inside the Account Settings Modal because they will not know it is there and will be unable to reach it. There is no indicator to encourage the user to tab into the modal. If the user tabs into the modal, they can easily fall outside of it as the keyboard navigation focus is not confined within the modal until the user closes it. This can cause blind and low vision users navigating via keyboard and screen reader to get lost and become unable to update their account settings.

Main app navigation isn’t screen reader accessible

When using a screen reader and clicking on the Sites, Secure Notes, Form Fills, etc in the left side menu drawer, the user can’t hear that the data has changed on the screen and keyboard focused isn’t moved so a user who is blind and navigating with a screen reader will not know what these navigation buttons do or that they function. The screen readers try to fix this for the user by refreshing the whole page, forcing the user to lose focus and start all over.

Heading levels illogical throughout the application

Currently, Site, Form Fill, Secure Notes, etc. all start with a heading level 3 instead of a heading level 1 per page because the application is filtering results from the main landing page instead of having new landing pages for each of these navigation buttons. This causes users who are blind or have low vision and who are navigating via screen reader to struggle to understand the information hierarchy of the page content.

Dropdowns inaccessible via screen reader

Users navigating via screen reader are not hearing that the dropdown menus in the application are clickable links that result in a menu. Users who are blind or low vision will not know what these items are or that they are clickable.

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